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Firefox 3


No$GBA 2.6 NDS/GBA Emulator

Want to play NDS, but you don't have NDS?
Use No$GBA 2.6, this emulator is the best for now.
Recent version is 2.6

Download it here!

Will post an update if they release the new version.


Top Universities

I search the internet for top universities.
Then I find a website.

Here's the link

When I see that, Tokyo Daigaku sugoi ne~ #17 in the world.
Although Harvard is always ichiban.
I want to study there.... ^.^
But first I want to go to Japan XD
Maybe another university in Japan is good enough for me, since many Japanese people really struggle to study in Toudai. Even many Japanese stressed out when they rejected by Toudai.

Japan scholarship please, give it to me this year ^.^

Recent Hobby

Well, my usual hobbies (not usual but forever ^.^) are anime, game, and manga. But recently I love hear J-Music too. I love to watch Music Station now ^.^